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Affiliated to British Cycling, Cycling Time Trials and Western Time Trials Association
Complete the form and pass to a club member for presentation at the next committee meeting.

Membership Form : online / doc / pdf

Standing Order Form : doc / pdf

Membership subscriptions are set each year at the AGM and are due on 1st September annually.   They must be paid by 31st December to ensure continuity of membership.

Once your application has been confirmed subscription will be due as follows:
For the year 2016/2017 annual membership subscriptions are based on the members age on 1st September (or date of joining if later):
Juvenile (under 16)   £1.00
Junior (16 to under 18) £1.00
Super Senior (60 plus) £1.00

Senior (18 to under 60) - £10.00, reduced pro rata depending on date of application as follows:
Date of application:
On or after 1st October : £9
On or after 1st November: £8
On or after 1st December: £7 etc reducing pro rata until the end of June.
On or after 1st July: £10 which covers through to end of the following membership year.
e.g. Join date 15 July 2017, membership is £10, next payment of £10 due on 1st September 2018.