Affiliated to British Cycling, Cycling Time Trials and Western Time Trials Association
Complete the form and pass to a club member for presentation at the next committee meeting.

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Membership subscriptions are set each year at the AGM and are due on 1st September. They must be paid by 31st October to ensure continuity of membership.
Non-payment by this date will be taken as implied resignation of membership, and lapsed members would be required to formally apply to rejoin the club.

All new members (which includes those whose membership lapsed due to non-payment) shall pay a one-off joining fee of £10 regardless of the date of joining. This is in addition to the annual membership subscription below.

Annual membership subscriptions are based on the members age on 1st September for renewals, or on date of joining for new members and are as follows:
  • Nil - Life member
  • £ 1.00 - Super Senior (60 plus)
  • £ 1.00 - Juvenile (under 16)
  • £ 1.00 - Junior (16 to under 18)
  • £10.00 - Senior (18 to under 60). This is reduced by £1/month for part-year membership depending on date of application (ie. Joining in the month of October will be £9 for the year). Joining in July or August costs £10 and covers membership until the following August.