Club members have competed in time trials ranging from 10 miles to 24 hours, on tandems and even trikes over the years. Click the different disciplines to see a list of current and past club record holders.

Men's records

TimeHolderDateEvent / notes
18:42N Livermore15.06.19Hemel Hempstead CC (F11/10)
19.37P Jones2014VC10 (F11/10)
19:42 P Jones2012 Team Swift
19:49 P Jones2012 Wolds RT
20:19S Downs2007Bournemouth Jubilee Wh.
20:24A Griffiths1991Swindon RC
20:26M Bristow1987 GHS West
21:08R Thorne1985Severn RC
21:30C Tatton1984CC Gloucester
21:42C Tatton 1984W-S-M Wheelers
21:46J P Legge1972Severn RC
22:00J P Legge1970Severn RC
TimeHolderDateEvent / Notes
30.53Nick Livermore26.02.22Cardiff 100 miles RCC (R15/5)
33.12Andrew Legge31.05.21Newbury RC (H15/3)
33.42Mark Bradley21.07.19Newbury RC (H15/1)
35.39Daniel Kempe09.03.19Cardiff 100 miles RC (R15/3)
38.23Robert Hutchinson25.08.18VTTA London and Home Counties
38.29Robert Hutchinson23.07.16Newbury RC (H15/1)
TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
00:49:08  Nick Livermore07/04/19  Ogmore Valley Wheelers (R25/3H
00:49:44  Nick Livermore03/06/18  Sportzmad (R25/3H)
00:49:48  Joe Hawksworth06/05/18  Welsh CA Champs (R25/3H)
00:49:55  J Griffiths20/08/17  Sportzmad 25 (R25/3H)
* also a junior record
00:49:58  P Jones2014  Bynea CC
00:50:21  P Jones2012  Port Talbot Wheelers
00:50:53  D Keene2005  Cardiff Byways
00:51:06  D Keene2005  Luk Racing.Net
00:51:17  R Walker1993  Oxford Unt CL
00:53:21  R Collins1984  Poole Whs
00:54:17  J P Legge1971  Birmingham St Chr
00:54:48  K Johnston1971  Concorde CC
00:55:11  K Johnston1971  WTTA
00:55:59  J P Legge1970  Birmingham St Chr
00:56:22  J P Legge1969  WTTA
00:57:15  J P Legge1969  Gordano Valley
00:57:35  F C Holloway1966  Viking RC
00:57:59  F C Holloway1959  Western RC
00:59:16  F C Holloway1958  Plymouth Whs
00:59:19  T Thomas1954  Evesham & Dist
00:59:23  T Thomas1953  Bristol South CC
00:59:33  G Gane1952  Bristol South CC
00:59:35  R Leach1951  WTTA
00:59:47  H L Cattell1949  Somerset RC
01:01:28  H L Cattell1949  Bristol South CC
01:01:40  H L Cattell1948  Somerset RC
01:02:05  E A Higgs1937  Central Whs
01:03:43  E A Higgs1936  Trowbridge Whs
01:05:07  E A Higgs1936  WTTA
01:05:36  W F Coombes1934  Bristol South CC
01:05:43  W F Perry1934  Bristol South CC
01:06:01  W F Coombes1933  WTTA
01:07:45  W F Coombes1929  Bristol South CC
01:11:42  W F Coombes1929  Bristol South CC
01:13:07  W S Humphries1926  Bristol South CC
01:14:20*  H Birth1912  Bristol South CC
* recorded before RRC & RTTC regulations introduced in 1922
01:14:25  W G Cockran1922  Bristol South CC
TimeHolderDate  Event / Notes
01:00:56N Livermore15/09/18Welsh CA (R30/7)
01:03:15J Griffiths17/09/16VTTA (SW) (R30/7)
*also Junior record
01:04:37A Legge17/09/16VTTA (SW) (R30/7)
*held for 34 mins
01:05:12A Griffiths2001Bristol South CC
01:05:12A Griffiths1991Corchester Rov
01:07:55A Griffiths1991Bristol RC
01:08:11R Thorne1985Colchester Rov
01:08:40F C Holloway1981VTTA
01:09:22A Janes1980Rockingham CC
01:10:19K Johnston1971Mercia CC
01:10:58J P Legge1970Rufus
01:12:02J P Legge1969Redmon
01:12:37T Thomas1954Ivy Whs
01:13:28G Gane1953Redmon
01:14:06H L Cattell1949Severn RC
01:15:16H L Cattell1948Severn RC
01:16:00E A Higgs1937Yeovill CC
01:18:45W F Coombes1933WTTA
01:19:27W F Perry1933WTTA
01:22:19W F Perry1932WTTA
TimeHolderDate  Event / Notes
01:43:24R Spink2014BDCA
01:47:43D Keene2009Bristol South CC
01:51:05R Collins1984Finsbury Park
01:53:10F C Holloway1981Nunbrook Whs
01:53:31J P Legge1969GordanoValley
01:56:42F C Holloway1965Harrogate
01:57:18F C Holloway1961WTTA
01:59:57F C Holloway1959Severn RC
02:01:52F C Holloway1958Dixie Whs
02:03:14T Thomas1953Bristol South CC
02:03:17R Leach1952Bristol South CC
02:04:04H L Cattell1949WTTA
02:08:12E A Higgs1937Bristol South CC
02:10:18E A Higgs1937Midland Clarion
02:10:37E A Higgs1937WTTA
02:12:41E A Higgs1936WTTA
02:13:50W F Coombes1932WTTA
02:19:03H March1928Belle Vue
02:24:38H Marsh1927Bristol South CC
02:30:08H March1926Bristol South CC
02:31:03F Kendrick1922Bristol South CC
2:22:38 *W J Voke1910Bristol South CC
2:26:01 *W J Voke1909Bristol South CC
2:34 :??*W J Wyatt1908Bristol South CC
2:36:?? *W Todd1907Bristol South CC
2:42:12 *J E Warburton1905Bristol South CC
2:44:?? *R Alden1904Bristol South CC
* recorded before RRC & RTTC regulations introduced in 1922
TimeHolderDate  Event / Notes
03:38:26N Livermore18/06/2023W Wales Cyclists League R100/9
03:46:18R Spink2014Welsh CA 100
03:47:30R Collins1985Norland TT
03:51:20R Collins1984NM&H CA
03:55:32F C Holloway1981Goodmayes Whs
04:02:13F C Holloway1965Bristol South CC
04:04:28F C Holloway1962Bath RC
04:06:36F C Holloway1959WTTA
04:23:29A A Rich1952Calleva
04:24:21D Howell1951WTTA
04:26:54A A Rich1950Bristol RC
04:26:54H L Cattell1949Bristol RC
04:30:07H L Cattell1949WTTA
04:38:54H L Cattell1948WTTA
04:44:06R Sullivan1947Bristol South CC
04:51:42W F Coombes1935WTTA
04:51:46W F Coombes1934WTTA
04:57:54H March1928Swindon
05:03:26H Marsh1928Speedwell
05:11:19H Marsh1928Anfield
05:17:06H Marsh1926Balham
Distance (miles)HolderDate  Event / Notes
272.308R Collins1985National Champ
270.924R Collins1984National Champ
264.11F C Holloway1965Middlesex
260.93F C Holloway1961Yeovil CC
258.12F C Holloway1959Yeovil CC
249.77F G Elliott1954WTTA
245A A Rich1952Yeovil CC
243.44A A Rich1951WTTA
242.515A A Rich1949WTTA
237.88H L Cattell1949WTTA
227.5H L Cattell1948WTTA
225E A Higgs1936WTTA
222.6W F Coombes1935WTTA
209.2W H Cappell1931WTTA
Distance (miles)HolderDate  Event / Notes
483.104R Collins1987National Champs
410.2W H Chappell1949WTTA
398.5A D Herrington1948WTTA

Women's records

TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
20:15:00Megan Dickerson31/08/19National Champs E2/10
20:28:00Megan Dickerson17/08/19Sportzmad (R10/17)
21:05:00Megan Dickerson21/05/19Sportzmad (R10/17)
21:52:00Megan Dickerson11/05/19Bristol South CC (U7b)
22:08:00Megan Dickerson30/03/19University of Bristol CC (U7b)
22:33:00Megan Dickerson02/03/19Dursley RC (U7b)
22:53:00Megan Dickerson17/02/19Frome and District Wheelers (U
23:38:00Joanna Knight2014Hemel Hempstead CC (F11/10)
23:50:00Miss J Priest2004Andover
23:51:00Mrs J McKenna1990WWCA
24:08:00Mrs B Body1967Beacon Road
25:39:00Mrs B Body1966 
26:26:00Mrs S Kempe1961 
26:31:00Miss S Smith1956 
26:32:00Miss S Smith1955 
27:46:00Miss B Fritter1950
TimeHolderDate  Event / Notes
38:09Joanna Knight31/05/21Newbury Velo (H15/3)
38:37Mrs B Body1967WWRL
38:43Mrs B Body1965 
39:13Mrs M Lane1957 
39:55Miss G McInerney1956 
41:52Miss S Smith1955WWRL
43:14Miss B Spencer1949 
TimeHolderDate  Event / Notes
00:53:43Megan Dickerson12/05/19Sportzmad 25 (R25/3H)
00:53:55Megan Dickerson05/05/19Welsh CA Championship (R25/3H)
00:58:43Joanna Knight20/09/15Bynea CC (R25/3L)
00:59:34Miss J Priest03/07/02South Wales Police
01:00:58Mrs B Body.Beacontree Whs
01:03:53Mrs B Body.  .
01:05:08Mrs S Kempe.  .
01:06:30Mrs M Lane.  .
01:08:07Mrs M Lane.  .
01:09:36Miss S Smith.  .
01:10:18Miss B Spencer.  .
01:29:45Miss B Spencer1949 
TimeHolderDate  Event / Notes
01:17:43Joanna Knight17/09/16VTTA (SW) (R30/7)
01:18:12Joanna Knight2016West London CA
01:19:06Joanna Knight2015VTTA Champs
01:20:51J Priest2000Bristol South CC
01:23:17Mrs M Hill1993Cardiff Ajax
01:26:51Miss E Hill1988Bristol RC
01:29:45Miss B Spencer1949 
01:57:37Claire Hann29/07/2023R50/1b Cardiff 100 Miles RCC
01:57:57Claire Hann25/09/2022R501b Welsh Championships
02:10:02Emily Kate Walton18/07/2021Swindon Road Club
02:10:30Mrs M Hill1989Bournemouth Arrow
02:11:45Mrs B Body1965 
02:19:15Mrs S Kempe1961 
02:21:16Miss S Smith1956 
02:32:29Miss M Scadding
04:20:41Maria Powell25/07/21SCCA & WCTTCA 100
04:27:52Hannah Ricketts2015National Champs (R100/8)
04:31:34Judith Priest2003National Champs
04:38:48Mrs B Body1966National Champs
04:48:07Mrs S Kempe1963 
04:57:04Mrs S Kempe1961 
Distance (miles)Holder  Date  Event / Notes
204.151Miss L Coggins1992WTTA
203.86Miss M Cummings1949 

Men's Team

TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
01:01:54Richard Spink (20:07)
Paul Jones (20:28)
Andrew Legge (21:19)
2014  Hemel Hempstead CC (F11/10)
01:02:08Andy Griffiths (20:24) Richard Walker (20:28) Mathew Bristow (21:16)20/07/91  Swindon RC
TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
02:30:49Joe Hawksworth (49:48)
Nick Livermore (50:12)
Josh Griffiths (50:49))
06/05/18Welsh CA Champs (R25/3H)
02:40:29Joe Hawksworth (53:22)
Nick Livermore (53:33)
Mark Bradley (53:34))
22/04/18Ogmore Valley Whs (R25/3H)
02:40:30Mark Bradley (53:10)
Andrew Legge (53:13)
Daniel Kempe (54:07)
02:42:21Paul Jones (52:20)
Andrew Legge (53:41)
Daniel Kempe (56:20)
15/04/12VTTA South Wales
02:43:49Dave Keene (51:06)
Richard Searle (55:25)
Daniel Kempe (57:18)
TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
03:13:18  Josh Griffiths (1:03:15)
Andrew Legge (1:04:37)
Mark Bradley (1:05:26)
17/09/16  VTTA (SW) (R30/7)
03:28:14  Andy Griffiths (1:05:12)
John Legge (1:10:24)
Daniel Kempe (1:12:38)
1992  Dursley RC
TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
05:50:45John Legge (1:55:03)
Ken Johnston (1:55:33)
Jeff Fry (2:00:09)
1971Clevedon & District
TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
12:09:26  Rod Collins (3:55:09)
F Chris Holloway (3:58:47)
Allen Janes (4:15:30)
1983National Championship
Distance (miles)Holder  Date  Event / Notes
755.476  F Chris Holloway (260.935)
Jeff Fry (250.901)
John Kempe (243.640)
1961  Yeovil CC

Women's Team

TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
01:13:09Meg Dickerson (21:52)
Joanna Knight (25:01)
Alice Thomson (26:16)
11/05/19Bristol South CC 10 (U7b)
01:17:42Joanna Knight (25:45)
Alice Thomson (25:49)
Marjolein Meinders (26:08)
12/05/18Bristol South CC 10 (U7b)
01:19:50Hannah Ricketts (25:42)
Joanna Knight (26:41)
Christina Gyles (27:27)
14/05/16Bristol South CC 10 (U7b)
01:21:32Joanna Knight (25:32)
Christina Gyles (27:10)
Mary-Jane Hutchinson (28:50)
2014Northovers Vet RT U21/10)
TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
3.34.12Joanna Knight (1.08.23) Hannah Ricketts (1.07.29) Christina Gyles (1.18.20)2015Bristol South CC
TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
7.18.14Hannah Ricketts (2.18.27)
Joanna Knight (2.22.27)
Mary-Jane Hutchinson (2.37.20)
2015Bristol South CC

Men's Tandem

HolderDateEvent / Notes
Bruce Pilsworth / Richard Walker1990Swindon RC
TimeHolderDate Event / Notes
00:50:46Mark Bradley / Andrew Turner25/08/2019Royal Dean Forest R25/7
00:53:08 Rob Pink / Chris Tatton10/06/1984Severn RC U18R
Rear axle broke
TimeHolderDateEvent / Notes
01:09:30Gus Taylor / J Clack 1935
TimeHolderDateEvent / Notes
01:53:03Dave Galley / Phil Langford1951
TimeHolderDateEvent / Notes
04:42:40Fred Smale / Phil Legge1933

Mixed Tandem

TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
00:20.59Andrew Legge
Joanna Knight
13/07/19Ross-on-Wye CC (R10/17)
00:21:52D Keene
E Keene
TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
00:33:52Andrew Legge
Joanna Knight
17/07/2022Virtual CC R15/5
00:34:26Mark Bradley
Kim Smale
13/06/2018a3crg ( P881r )
TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
00:56:09Andrew Legge
Joanna Knight
22/04/18Ogmore Valley Whs (R25/3H)
00:58:34D Keene
E Keene
TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
01:07:19Andrew Legge
Joanna Knight
07/07/19Welsh CA Championship (R30/7em
TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
02:04:01Mark Bradley
Kim Smale
29/09/19Welsh CA Champs (R50/1B)
02:10:52Andrew Legge
Joanna Knight
21/07/19Bristol South CC (U86/50)
02:14:38Mark Bradley
Kim Smale
12/08/18Bristol South CC (U86/50)
TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
04:28:08Andrew Legge
Joanna Knight
16/06/19Welsh CA Championship

Men's Trike

TimeHolderDateEvent / Notes
00:21.44D Keene2005Pontypool RC
00:21:53D Keene2004Sotonia CC
TimeHolderDateEvent / Notes

Dave Keene2006Cardiff Byways RCC
00:56:07Dave Keene2005South Wales Police
Dave Keene2004West Wales CL
Dave Keene2004Cwmcarn
Dave Keene2004Trike Assoc.
H Len Beak1960Western RC
TimeHolderDateEvent / Notes
01:12:21D Keene2004Abertillery & Dist. Whs
01:30:07Ray Knott1960Premier Olympic
TimeHolderDateEvent / Notes
01:55:23D Keene2006Trike Assoc.
02:03:25D Keene2004Trike Assoc.
02:18:19H Len Beak1960TA Thames Valley
TimeHolderDateEvent / Notes
04.00.01*D Keene2006BDCA
04.22.13D Keene2004Chippenham & Dist
05:25:03Ray Knott1961WTTA
Distance (miles)HolderDateEvent / Notes
223.38 D Keene2006Icknield RC
207.52Ray Knott1961WTTA

Tandem Trike

HolderDateEvent / Notes
0.20.00Dave Keene /
Barry Charlton (Stone Wheelers)
2006South Elmsall SCC
TimeHolderDateEvent / Notes
0:50:13*Dave Keene /
Barry Charlton (Stone Wheelers)
2006Walsall RCC
TimeHolderDateEvent / Notes
01:02:42Dave Keene /
Barry Charlton (Stone Wheelers)
TimeHolderDateEvent / Notes
1.45.13*Dave Keene /
Barry Charlton (Stone Wheelers)
2006North Notts Olympic

Junior / Boys

TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
20:13:00J Griffiths13/08/17Pontypool WCA Welsh Champs
20:26 *M Bristow1987GHS West
* at the time this was a national Junior Competition Record
21:08:00R Thorne1985Severn RC
22:02:00R Thorne1985CC Gloucester
22:10:00R Thorne1984Swindon
22:42:00C Tatton1982Bristol South CC
22:48:00M Noble1979W-S-M Whs
23:04:00J P Legge1968Port Talbot
23:38:00J P Legge1967Bristol South CC
23:41:00P Foster1966Bristol South CC
23:41:00P Baldwin1949Bristol South CC
TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
00:49:55*J Griffiths20/08/17Sportzmad 25
* also a senior record
00:50:37J Griffiths23/07/17Merthyr CC
00:51:06J Griffiths11/09/16Port Talbot Wheelers
00:53:54J Griffiths31/07/16Bynea CC
00:55:13J Griffiths17/07/16Ross-on-Wye CC
00:56:07R Thorne1986Edgeware RC
00:56:10R Thorne1985Vegatarian CC
00:56:14C Tatton1982Bristol South CC
00:56:30M Noble1980Bristol South CC
00:58:55J P Legge1967Bromsgrove Oly
01:00:12J P Legge1967National Champs
01:00:50J P Legge1967Bristol South CC
01:00:59P Foster1967Severn RC
01:01:11J P Legge1967Hillingdon
01:01:25G Smith1961Rownham RC
01:03:19D Williams1948Chippenham & Dist
01:03:58B Weatherley1948Somerset RC
TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
01:03:15J Griffiths17/09/16VTTA (SW)
01:08:11R Thorne1985Colchester Rovers
01:09:32R Thorne1985Hertfordshire
01:11:12R Pink1980Rockingham
01:14:08J P Legge1968Rufus Whs
01:14:58J P Legge1967Portsmouth
01:16:47G Smith1960Premier Olympic
01:18:24A J Cording1951Severn RC
TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
01:56:24J Griffiths07/08/16Cardiff 100ml RC
02:02:02C Tatton1982Cardiff 100ml RC
02:04:00J Turner1967Severn RC
02:07:05G Smith1961WTTA
02:16:16B Weatherley1949Bristol South CC
TimeHolder  Date  Event / Notes
03:51:17J Griffiths02/09/17Welsh CA 100
04:04:29J Griffiths04/09/16Welsh CA 100
04:44:44A Janes1964Swindon & Dist