Thinking of joining us?

We'd love to have you

We welcome all new and prospective members. We know joining a club can be daunting, especially with the elitism in cycling so we want to scrap that and make everyone feel welcome. 

Whether you’re a cafe rider or want to dip a toe into the world of racing we have something to offer all road cyclists. As well as the weekly club rides BSCC are affiliated to British Cycling, Cycling Time Trials and Western Time Trials Association. We’ll also be found dabbling in the muddy disciplines of cyclocross, gravel and cross country mountain biking.

So, how do you join?

You probably want to try out one of our regular rides before you buy membership. You are welcome to come along to one of our Sunday club rides or introductory rides first. If you’re not sure about which group to join, or just want to have someone looking out for you, contact us so that we can hook you up with a buddy.

If you’ve already been out on a ride with us or just know that BSCC is the club for you then go ahead and click the button below We use the platform RiderHQ to handle all new and renewing memberships. 

Annual membership for adults is £12. Junior (under 18) and Super Senior (60+) membership is £1. There is an initial joining fee of £10 for all new or lapsed members.

Wear the red and gold

Joining a cycling club for many is about the feeling of belonging, of being a part of something bigger. Red and gold are the original colours of Bristol South and our retro inspired club kit has been fabled to be worth at least an additional 5 watts on the Sunday ride. 

Our club kit is manufactured by BioRacer and is available to members at regular intervals through a club order. Skin suits are also available made to order from NoPinz. Can’t wait for a club kit order window to open? We have some kit in stock in the club shop.

Benefits of membership

You’ll look great and your Sundays will be punctuated by rolling club rides and quality cafe stops. In addition to this our member benefits include:

Being part of a friendly, supportive cycling community based in Bristol

Meeting like minded cycling enthusiasts and always having someone to ride with

Opportunities to join Bristol South CC racing teams

Take part in the club trophy competitions

Eligibility for prizes in Classic League

Discounted cap

Access to club Strava and Facebook groups

Entitled to wear the club kit

Affiliation to Cycling UK offering reduced membership rate

Affiliation for British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials

Compete in club competitions like the monthly Strava segments.