Club Trophies

This section gives a summary of the trophies we award – these competitions are open to all club members who are ‘first claim’ – i.e. competing with BSCC listed as their club. Many of them are named in memorial of past club members so they are pretty special. The trophies are awarded yearly at the club Christmas dinner!

Click the titles to see a list of past recipients.

Time Trial Trophies

With a rich history of excelling in time trials, BSCC has a wealth of time trial trophies – so if you’re into getting aero and powering round TT courses you could be in contention for these.

Ten mile trophies

Awarded to the fastest BSCC male in the Club’s 10 mile TT.

Results TBC

Awarded to the fastest BSCC woman in the Cliub’s 10 mile TT.

Result tbc

Awarded to the fastest BSCC rider in a nominated 10 mile time trial event

This trophy commemorates Les Cattell, a member for over 50 years who was a star rider in the 1930s and 1940s.

2011P Jones00:22:16
2012P Jones00:21:15
2013P Jones00:21:52
2014P Jones00:21:18
2015A Legge00:23:45
2016A Legge00:21:56
2017Not Awarded
2018M Hudson21:16:00
2019N Livermore20:59:00
2020Not awarded
2021N Livermore00:20:39
Twenty five mile trophies

For the fastest BSCC male member in the club’s Brian Weatherly time trial. This event is three laps of Chew Valley Lake and run as part of our Wednesday night “Classic League” series.

The event began in 1922 and the Brian Weatherley Bowl was first awarded in 1950. The bowl commemorates Brian Weatherley who joined the club in 1947 (age 16) and unfortunately died in 1949 after a short illness from polio.

1922W G Cockran01:14:25
1923H Butt01:20:57
1924G Head01:14:46
1925W S Humphrey01:15:05
1926W S Humphrey01:13:07
1928P Still01:16:00
1929W F Coombes01:07:45
1930W F Coombes01:11:42
1931W F Coombes01:08:55
1932W F Coombes01:09:30
1933W Perry01:05:43
1934C Roe01:08:57
1935W F Coombes01:05:56
1936E Higgs01:06:38
1937J Trew01:04:32
1938B O?Connor01:19:23
1939R Deane01:08:50
1946C Cave01:09:00
1947R Deane01:04:23
1948W Griffiths01:06:25
1949B Weatherley01:03:55
1950H L Cattell01:03:50
1951D Galley01:03:05
1952T Thomas01:01:08
1953T Thomas01:00:32
1954T Thomas00:59:40
1955G Keene01:01:00
1956P Baldwin01:00:57
1957P Baldwin01:01:15
1958T Thomas01:00:18
1959F C Holloway01:01:43
1960J Fry01:00:54
1961F C Holloway00:59:58
1962J Fry00:58:29
1963J Fry00:59:50
1964J Fry00:59:32
1965F C Holloway01:00:47
1966F C Holloway01:00:41
1967J Fry & J Kempe01:00:52
1968J Legge57:11 *
1969J Legge00:58:29
1970K Johnston00:58:23
1971J Legge00:57:57
1972J Legge00:57:45
1973A Janes01:01:50
1974F C Holloway01:01:34
1975J Legge00:57:32
1976K Johnston00:59:49
1977K Johnston01:02:04
1978K Johnston00:59:08
1979J Legge00:58:24
1980M Noble00:59:48
1981R Collins00:59:39
1982R Collins00:55:58
1983R Collins00:56:10
1984D Christmas01:02:58
1985R Collins00:57:09
1986R Pink00:58:40
1987R Collins00:56:31
1988R Pink01:00:39
1989M Bristow00:58:59
1990A Griffiths01:00:09
1991A Griffiths00:56:23
1992D Kempe00:59:48
1993B Pilsworth00:57:58
1994A Tilly00:58:19
1995K Shapland00:57:23
1996S Wixon00:58:08
1997D Kempe01:00:12
1998A Godson00:56:39
1999A Booth01:02:07
2000R Adams00:59:41
2001R Adams00:58:13
2002R Adams00:58:12
2003D Keene00:56:08
2004D Keene00:56:34
2005D Keene41:45^
2006D Keene00:57:59
2007D Keene (trike)01:00:38
2008S Downs00:58:44
2009D Kempe01:00:57
2010D Keene00:59:36
2011P Jones00:59:04
2012P Jones00:56:52
2013P Jones00:58:53
2014P Jones00:58:08
2015R Borek01:00:07
2016D Burbridge00:59:05
2017J Griffiths00:55:47
2018N Livermore00:57:17
2019N Livermore00:55:52
2020N Livermore00:55:05
2021N Livermore00:55:34

This trophy is awarded to the best placed female rider in the annual Brian Weatherley event.

2004J Priest01:04:35
2005M-J Hutchinson00:53:28
2006M-J Hutchinson01:14:45
2007M-J Hutchinson01:19:11
2008M-J Hutchinson01:13:25
2009M-J Hutchinson01:15:50
2010M-J Hutchinson01:14:06
2011M-J Hutchinson01:18:36
2012M-J Hutchinson01:21:55
2013C Greenfield01:12:11
2014C Gyles01:13:42
2015J Knight01:09:15
2016H Ricketts01:05:30
2017Ms J Knight01:10:57
2018Ms J Knight01:12:06
2019Ms J Knight01:13:27
2020Ms J Knight01:12:11
2021Ms J Knight01:13:12

The Charles Glenister Trophy (from 1947) is presented to the winner of the club’s annual Open 25 mile time trial event.

1931W F Coombes Bristol South01:09:47
1932W F Coombes Bristol South01:11:55
1933H James Glamorgan CC01:05:01
1934W F Coombes Bristol South01:05:36
1935E Saunders Severn RC01:07:49
1936R Wheeler Bath CC01:05:37
1937R Wheeler Somervale01:02:29
1938H Earnshaw Monckton01:03:49
1939R Wheeler Somervale01:04:09
1946E Saunders Severn RC01:08:13
1947H Alford Mid Devon RC01:05:32
1948H Alford Exeter Wheelers01:04:14
1949H Alford Exeter Wheelers01:00:28
1950H Alford Exeter Wheelers01:00:22
1951D Gagg Grimsby Clarion00:59:23
1952G Gane Bristol South CC00:59:33
1953S Higginson Halesowen0:56:32 #
1954S Higginson Halesowen00:58:37
1955W Holmes Hull Thursday RC0:56:05 #
1956R C Hutchins Silchester CC00:57:55
1957M J Gambrill Clarence Wh00:57:10
1958O Way Wessex RC00:58:06
1959J Woodburn Reading Wh00:57:33
1960C Barretto Plymouth CC00:58:19
1961R Hopkins Exe Valley01:00:13
1962J Fry Bristol South CC01:00:25
1963J Fry Bristol South CC01:00:15
1964J Fry Bristol South CC00:59:56
1965V Nicholson Bath CC00:57:38
1966M Ward Corsham CC00:59:10
1967D Whitehouse Shirley RC00:58:03
1968P Griffiths Gloucester City00:57:28
1969R Garrett Somerset RC00:59:11
1970K Johnston Bristol South01:00:56
1971K Johnston Bristol South00:57:34
1972 *A Engers Luton Wheelers00:53:40
1973M Clothier Bath CC00:59:25
1974M Clothier Bath CC00:58:58
1975J Legge Bristol South CC00:57:44
1976R Queen Luton Wheelers00:57:20
1977C Brooks Frome & Dist Wh00:57:50
1978R Harrill Bath CC00:58:24
1979G Woodward Chippenham & Dist00:57:26
1980R Maslen Exeter Wheelers00:55:28
1981G Chiles Yeovil CC00:58:40
1982 *D Lloyd Manchester Wh.00:53:34
1983J Pritchard R.A.F. CC00:55:31
1984R Collins Bristol South CC00:57:56
1985M Noble Team Zoyland00:56:28
1986P Vincent Barnstaple Imperial Wh00:57:57
1987R Collins Bristol South CC00:57:07
1988M Fodden Wessex RC00:56:08
1989L Bond Cardiff Ajax00:57:42
1990C A Brooks Polytechnic CC00:56:23
1991J Pritchard Polytechnic CC00:55:05
1992R Walker Bristol South CC00:57:05
1993R Walker Bristol South CC00:59:09
1994G Bowditch Bournemouth Arrow00:57:48
1995A Winterbottom Wellington Wh00:56:14
1996C A Brooks V.C. Camelot00:55:22
1997G Bowditch Global Racing Team00:59:11
1998B Buss RAF CA.00:56:14
1999A Cook Chippenham & Dist. Wh.00:55:19
2000G Bowditch
2001J Wynn Somerset RC00:56:39
2002J Wynn Somerset RC00:58:01
2003D Willetts On the Edge RT00:57:52
2004J Wynn Somerset RC00:55:14
2005N Copeman Chippenham00:59:18
2006J Bohin Sodbury Cycles00:56:23
2007S Marchant Swindon RC00:54:59
2008W Moore Shorter Rochford RT00:56:39
2009D Kiddell Cavalier CC00:55:42
2010R Pears Bath CC00:56:04
2011R Pears Bath CC00:54:06
2012P Georgi Giant CC Halo Films00:55:50
2013R Pears Bath CC00:52:47
2014P Jones Bristol South CC00:55:54
2015J Jones – University of Exeter CC00:55:46
2016M Burden – 73 Degrees Bicycles00:53:59
2017Mark Hudson – Bristol South CC00:58:04
2018David Janes – Wheels of Dorset00:53:15
2019Nick Livermore – Bristol South CC00:56:06
2020-21Event not run

Presented to the fastest lady in the annual Open 25 mile event.

1947Mrs E Sheridan Coventry CC01:14:46
1948Miss E Cummings South Paragon01:11:48
1949Miss J Gibbs Concord RC01:10:39
1950Mrs EM Horton Coventry RC01:07:51
1951*Miss C Bellett S Shields Vict01:05:13
1953Miss SR Boanas Amethyst Ladies01:06:52
1954Miss J Bolt Cardiff Ajax CC01:09:03
1955Mrs G Tiley Camberley Wh1:04:01 #
1956Mrs V Garrett Silchester CC01:05:26
1957Miss M Pearce Plymouth CC01:04:55
1958Mrs S Ball West Kent RC01:03:17
1959Mrs W Fryer Salisbury RC01:04:24
1960Miss J Gibson Severn RC01:07:31
1961Mrs B Burton Morley CC01:05:29
1962Mrs S Beardon Silchester CC01:11:16
1963Mrs S Beardon Silchester CC01:07:26
1967Mrs B Body Bristol South01:06:40
1968Mrs B Body Gordano Valley CC01:05:17
1969Mrs B Body Gordano Valley CC01:05:59
1976Miss P Challen Gordano Valley CC01:12:40
1977Mrs P Ellery Street CC01:12:10
1978Mrs M Wills Gordano Valley CC01:09:11
1979Mrs M Wills Gordano Valley CC01:10:10
1980Miss D Atkins Mid Devon RC01:07:34
1981Mrs J Theis N. Wilts RC01:12:08
1982no event due to men?s National Champs
1983Mrs J Park Bristol South CC01:10:13
1984Miss S Abbot Chippenham & Dis W01:08:52
1985Mrs J Richards Cardiff Ajax01:14:02
1986Mrs J Burfoot Clevedon & Dist RC01:09:56
1987Mrs K Wall Severn RC01:06:18
1988Mrs K Wall Severn RC01:04:00
1989Mrs K Wall Severn RC01:05:03
1990Mrs K Wall Severn RC01:06:28
1991Mrs P Strong Team Raleigh01:03:22
1992Mrs M Hill Bristol South01:12:33
1993Mrs K Wall Severn RC01:07:47
1994A Scarsbrook Evesham & Dist Wh01:06:19
1995A Wooldridge Glos City CC01:04:04
1996A Wooldridge Oundle Velo RC01:04:15
1997A Wooldridge Oundle Velo RC01:07:36
1998A Wooldridge Chippenham & Dist01:07:07
1999A Wooldridge Glos City CC01:03:15
2000A Wooldridge Glos City CC01:06:07
2001J Priest Bristol South CC01:09:28
2002A Wooldridge Glos City CC01:08:42
2003J Priest Bristol South CC01:06:11
2004E Silversides Leisure Lakes RT01:05:16
2005E Silversides Leisure Lakes RT01:06:13
2006J Wadsworth Severn RC01:10:37
2007K Young Science in Sport01:05:37
2008K Hathway BAD Tri Club01:10:04
2009A Brown Bath CC01:10:46
2010K Robertson Severn RC01:02:23
2011K Robertson Bad Tri01:04:03
2012K Robertson Police Sport UK CRT01:04:35
2013D Sheridan01:12:03
2014S Jeffery01:11:02
2015H Ricketts – Bristol South CC01:07:29
2016J Jago – Performance Cycles CC01:06:49
2017Nicki Carr – VC Equipe01:06:59
2018Ellie Gilham – Dream CC01:06:58
2019Megan Dickerson – Bristol South CC01:01:32
2020-21Event not run

For the best ‘novice’ 25 mile TT result within the year. Members are eligible to compete for this trophy if they’ve never raced a 25 mile TT before.

1911winner not known
1923G Head01:19:29
1924not known
1925E Richards01:19:26
1926F Burfoot01:16:09
1927A Webb01:16:02
1928W Coombes01:11:42
1929C Dark01:14:36
1930W Harris01:11:00
1931H Griffiths01:15:18
1932A Harding01:13:19
1933R Jefferies01:12:40
1934H Clark01:13:06
1935W Glade01:13:07
1936S Wiltshire01:11:27
1937S Parker01:14:00
1938J Martin01:14:29
1939E Eldridge01:09:09
1946R Norley01:11:10
1947J Dicks01:07:46
1948J Harvey01:08:26
1949R Shapcott01:04:35
1950W J Thomas01:06:49
1951T Thomas01:05:18
1952J Cooper01:07:23
1953N Brown01:07:34
1954M J Clark01:06:36
1955A C Smith01:05:26
1956M Pearce01:08:05
1957G Goodleff01:03:48
1958J Stisted01:04:45
1960G Smith01:05:31
1961R Stephenson01:05:39
1962P Oliver01:08:12
1963D Kasprowicz01:05:59
1964N Edwards01:11:55
1965R Williams01:04:19
1966J Turner01:04:41
1967M Nixon01:07:06
1969A Page01:09:47
1970A Tippetts01:12:42
1973P Arnold01:06:53
1976N Matthews01:08:07
1977C Rose01:07:08
1978R Hull01:05:02
1979G Smart01:10:37
1980K Holland01:03:51
1981D Keene01:07:11
1982R Eastup01:06:53
1984A Wall01:09:16
1985G Harris01:06:39
1986R Houghton01:10:00
1987P Tiley01:09:49
1988C Cooke01:08:36
1989T Fletcher01:02:42
1990P Clark01:06:24
1992K Shapland01:04:28
1994S Tiley01:05:19
1995P Rowlands01:08:36
1999J Ingmire01:05:40
2000Y Keene01:02:47
2001G Partridge01:04:32
2002(Not awarded)
2003D Braidley01:10:12
2004(Not awarded)
2005B Smith49:45^
2006S Downs01:09:36
2007(Not awarded)
2008Miss E Keene01:13:51
2009A Isaacs01:05:47
2010I Lindsay01:02:03
2011S Larkham01:01:42
2012E Pitt01:01:17
2013R Borek01:03:57
2014M Bradley01:02:51
2015J Kempe01:13:24
2016N Livermore01:00:49
2017D Cullen00:57:25
2018M Jerzak01:01:26
2019S Cox01:10:10
2020R Bennett01:07:47
2021Not awarded

This trophy is awarded for the fastest result in any open 25 mile event within the year.

1995K. Shapland55:20
1996B. Pilsworth55:34
1997A. Godson55:57
1998A. Booth54:16
1999A. Booth54:18
2000Y. Keene58:43
2001A Griffiths54:05
2002D Kempe55:22
2003D Keene54:17
2004D Keene54:47
2005D Keene50:53
2006D Keene53:13
2007D Keene54:16
2008D Keene53:49
2009D Keene52:44
2010D Keene54:12
2011P Jones52:15
2012P Jones50:21
2013P Jones51:23
2014P Jones49:58
2015R Spink50:33
2016J Griffiths51:06
2017J Griffiths49:55
2018N Livermore49:44
2019N Livermore49:08
2020D Kempe57:22
2021Not awarded
Fifty mile trophies

For many years the club ran an open ’50’ and a separate 50 mile event just for club members with the ‘Special’ Cup being awarded to the winner of the closed event. Now the trophy is awarded to the fastest member in the annual ’50’ open event.

2021N Livermore1:54:15
2020Event not run
2019L Smith02:01:53
2018L Smith02:03:42
2017J Griffiths01:58:09
2016L Smith02:07:02
2015L Smith02:09:25
2014G Baines01:59:36
2013E Pitt02:01:13
2012A Legge01:58:03
2011P Jones01:58:09
2010D Kempe02:00:37
2009D Keene01:47:43
2008S Downs01:52:21
2007Event cancelled
2006D Keene01:51:20
2005D Keene01:59:38
2004D Keene02:00:02
2003D Keene02:01:25
2002R Searle02:06:14
2001R Adams01:58:10
2000R Adams02:02:18
1999A Booth02:07:12
1998A Godson01:59:51
1997A Godson02:06:38
1996B Pilsworth02:03:27
1995K Shapland02:03:23
1994K Shapland02:03:11
1993D Kempe02:08:16
1992D Tovey02:03:31
1991A Griffiths01:58:46
1990A Griffiths02:05:50
1989B Pilsworth02:09:44
1988R Pink02:05:10
1987R Collins02:01:34
1986A Windsor02:15:51
1985R Collins01:57:58
1984R Collins01:58:09
1983R Collins01:54:03
1982F C Holloway01:58:08
1981R Collins01:59:42
1980R Collins02:09:59
1979J Legge02:00:06
1978K Johnston02:10:35
1977A Janes02:12:35
1976K Johnston02:06:41
1975A Janes02:08:17
1974F C Holloway02:10:37
1973G Keene02:15:24
1972J Fry02:06:17
1971J Fry02:04:18
1970J Fry02:06:09
1969J Legge02:00:29
1968J Fry02:02:40
1967F C Holloway01:59:22
1966J Fry02:06:50
1965J S Kempe02:19:16
1964J Fry02:02:07
1963J Fry01:59:39
1962F C Holloway02:02:33
1961J Fry02:02:37
1960J Fry02:09:15
1959F C Holloway01:59:57
1958G Keene02:02:57
1957J S Kempe02:10:13
1956J S Kempe02:12:02
1955J S Kempe02:06:34
1954G Keene02:07:24
1953F G Elliott02:08:30
1952E Daveyshortcourse
1951E Davey02:07:15
1950H L Cattell02:07:02
1949H L Cattell02:10:34
1948H L Cattell02:11:59
1947R Deane02:14:10
1946R Sullivan02:19:54
1939R Preston02:21:18
1938E A Higgs02:11:21
1937E A Higgs02:08:12
1936E A Higgs02:12:44
1935W F Coombes02:14:34
1934W F Coombes02:17:39
1933W F Perry02:18:48
1932W F Coombes02:17:59
1931W F Coombes02:20:00
1930C Newman02:29:30
1929H Pearce02:24:38
1928H Marsh02:27:00
1927H Marsh02:24:26
1926H Marsh02:30:08
1925A Wall02:38:00
1924A Wall02:32:33
1923H Butt02:34:55
1922F Kendrick02:31:55
1920C Bailey02:34:30
1912H Davies02:32:08
1911W J Voke02:27:00
1910W J Voke02:22:38
1909W J Voke02:26:01
1908W J Wyatt02:34:00
1907W Told02:36:00
1906A G Kerrick02:49:00
1905J E Warbutton02:43:12
1904R Alden02:44:00
1894W Greeningno time

Awarded to the outright male winner of the club’s Open 50 mile TT event.

In 1935 the committee instigated the Open 50 as there was not an event in the Bristol area at that distance. W.D. & H.O. Wills (the Bristol tobacco producer) provided the Gold Flake Cup.

1935V Hill Severn RC02:09:33
1936E Start Robin CC02:10:02
1937T West Cwmcarn02:05:36
1938T West Cwmcarn02:08:12
1939T West Cwmcarn02:10:03
1946R Braddick Cardiff 100 RC02:15:58
1947R Bayliss Severn RC02:11:06
1948H Alford Exeter Wh2:01:48 *
1949H Britton Severn RC02:09:46
1950C F Boundy Exeter Wh02:08:21
1951R Leach Bristol South CC02:04:38
1952R Leach Bristol South CC02:03:17
1953K Bentley Bec CC01:59:51
1954C T Horton Mercury RC02:02:05
1955G K Bentley Bec CC02:03:12
1956E Davey Severn RC02:02:01
1957G Salter Yorkshire RC02:01:09
1958R C Hutchins Silchester CC02:01:25
1959R Hopkins Exe Valley RC02:01:45
1960P J Norman Fenland Clarion02:01:21
1961F C Holloway Bristol South02:01:03
1962J Fry Bristol South CC02:01:31
1963M Tebbutt Clevedon RC01:57:43
1964J Fry Bristol South CC02:00:27
1965M Tebbutt Clevedon RC01:56:07
1966T May Bromsgrove Olympic CC02:00:20
1967P Harris Plymouth CC01:57:41
1968A Taylor Solihull CC01:52:04
1969D Whitehouse Shirley RC01:53:19
1970D Whitehouse Shirley RC01:54:53
1971P Griffiths Gloucester City CC01:50:46
1972M Crowther Archer RC01:59:43
1973A Evans Bath CC01:56:48
1974P Carbutt Saracen RC02:06:47
1975M Clothier Bath CC01:57:18
1976A Thorne Bath CC02:04:30
1977C Ward Abertillery & Dist02:06:34
1978M Morris Evesham & Dist02:00:49
1979J Legge Bristol South CC02:00:06
1980E Dietman Century RC02:07:20
1981R Maslen Exeter Wheelers01:56:07
1982R Maslen Exeter Wheelers01:58:01
1983R Collins Bristol South CC01:54:03
1984R Collins Bristol South CC01:58:09
1985D Rogers Gloucester City CC01:56:43
1986C A Brooks Weston Wh &02:04:37
1987J Woodburn Manchester Wh / S Knight (Mid Devon RC)02:01:02
1988C A Brooks Weston Wh01:59:47
1989M Turner Severn RC01:59:13
1990C A Brooks Polytechnic CC01:58:41
1991A Griffiths Bristol South CC01:58:46
1992J Lowe Severn RC01:57:57
1993C A Brooks VC Camelot01:53:28
1994C A Brooks VC Camelot01:49:09
1995C A Brooks VC Camelot01:50:02
1996D Russell Mendip CC01:59:21
1997P Meyer Cheltenham & County02:02:07
1998H Lodge T Wright LRT01:58:37
1999M Oliver Kiverton Park CC01:58:48
2000A Winterbottom Wellington Wh02:01:56
2001R Adams Bristol South CC01:58:10
2002S Childs RN&RM CA02:00:48
2003J Wynn Somerset RC01:55:41
2004N Gardner RT01:51:42
2005No event
2006N Gardner Johns Bikes01:49:28
2007No event
2008N Bowdler Farnborough & Camberley01:44:46
2009J Wall Stratford CC01:42:57
2010No event
2011Event cancelled due to accident
2012M Ashurst Northover VT01:58:05
2013M Ashurst Northover VT01:58:07
2014S Cottington Cadence RT01:57:54
2015P Garnett – Swindon RC02:02:46
2016M Burden – 73 Degrees Bicycles01:52:31
2017R Hunt – Army CU01:54:46
2018L Smith – Bristol South CC02:03:42
2019J Griffiths – Bikestrong-KTM01:59:54
2020Event not run
2021N Livermore01:54:15

Awarded to the outright female winner of the 50 mile TT event.

Winners tbc

Awarded to the fastest 50 mile TT result (or 25 miles if no rider completes a 50) by a club rider under 22 on a West DC course. The winner and runner-up also have their annual club subscription paid for the following year.

1968A Janes02:03:17
1969J Legge01:53:31
1970J Legge02:00:54
1971J Legge01:55:03
1972J Legge01:55:21
1977N Catford02:29:05
1978K Knight00:59:15
1979R Pink02:04:46
1980M Noble00:56:30
1981R Pink02:08:38
1982C Tatton02:09:33
1984C Tatton02:00:26
1985A Newlands02:20:29
1986A Stone01:01:25
1987S Moore02:08:34
1988R Searle02:09:09
1989R Searle02:07:54
1990C Smith02:19:19
1992M Collins02:13:28
1993A Tilly01:02:55
1994A Tilly02:03:09
1995A Tilly00:58:56
1996E Warren01:59:58
1997-2013not awarded
2014J Griffiths02:31:08
2015J Griffiths02:16:01
2016J Griffiths02:07:52
2017J Griffiths01:58:09
2018-2021Not Awarded
Combined TT trophies

Alongside the event specific trophies, there are a few trophies relating to series’ or combinations of events.

The Best All Rounder is the member with the highest average of average speeds (in mph) at 25, 50 & 100 mile recorded up to and including the 1st weekend in October.

1935W F Coombes21.041
1936E A Higgs21.251
1937E A Higgs21.384
1938E A Higgs20.999
1939E A Higgs20.178
1946R Sullivan20.56
1947R Sullivan20.797
1948H L CatteIl22.031
1949H L CatteIl22.912
1950H L CatteIl22.57
1951A A Rich22.315
1952A A Rich22.853
1953F G Elliott22.33
1954F G Elliott22.854
1955J S Kempe22.592
1956R Harrison22.609
1957J S Kempe22.281
1958F C Holloway23.061
1959F C Holloway24.178
1960J S Kempe23.174
1961F C Holloway24.259
1962F C Holloway24.21
1963J Fry23.723
1964F C Holloway23.936
1965F C Holloway24.506
1966J S Kempe22.894
1967M A Morrison20.16
1967A Windsor24.487
1968S Francis21.874
1969J Fry24.063
1970A Janes24.135
1971C Cave22.657
1972A Janes22.993
1973A Janes24.078
1974F C Holloway23.882
1975A Janes23.158
1976A Janes23.549
1977A Janes23.017
1978K Johnston24.478
1979J Legge25.048
1980A Janes24.964
1981F C Holloway26.273
1982R Collins26.327
1983R Collins26.704
1984R Collins27.019
1985R Collins26.847
1986A Windsor23.921
1988F C Holloway24.998
1989G Keene23.538
1990F C Holloway25.031
1991A Griffiths26.405
1992A Griffiths26.605
1993D Tovey24.676
1994D Tovey24.893
1995D Kempe24.895
1996D Kempe24.884
1997D Kempe24.038
1998D Kempe23.982
1999G Keene22.321
2000D Kempe23.316
2002D Kempe24.675
2003D Keene26.052
2004D Keene25.889
2005J Roberson22.915
2006D Keene (trike)23.536
2007D Keene25.035
2008S Downs25.818
2009D Kempe23.865
2010Mrs M-J Hutchinson20.575
2011P Jones25.994
2012D Kempe24.782
2013D Kempe23.784
2014R Spink28.17
2015D Kempe24.67
2016J Griffiths26.56
2017J Griffiths26.29
2018D Kempe23.54
2019N Livermore26.44
2020Not awarded00.00
2021Not awarded00.00

The Youth Best All Rounder is aged under 16 years and has the highest average of average speeds at 10 & 25 mile up to and including the first weekend in October.

1965P Foster23.138
1966J Legge24.602
1967I Lloyd20.853
1969A Page21.914
1970A Tippetts21.738
1971M Galley23.778
1973P Arnold23.167
1974N Catford22.769
1975T Bush23.881
1976A Smith22.627
1977K Knight25.212
1978K Knight25.424
1979M Noble25.769
1980C Tatton24.688
1981M Winstone25.31
1982I McKenna20.375
1984A Stone24.419
1985M Thorne22.695
1986N Farrant24.545
1987M Bristow26.95
1988-2012Not Awarded
2013J Kempe18.1
2014J Griffiths21.65
2015J Griffiths26
2016-2021Not Awarded

The Women’s Best All Rounder is the female member with the highest average of average speeds at 10, 25 & 50 mile recorded up to and including the 1st weekend in October.

1952Miss M Cummings19.667
1953Miss S Hiscox20.882
1954Miss K Mclnerney20.15
1955Miss S Smith21.89
1956Miss S Smith22.2
1957Miss S Smith21.736
1960Mrs A Beak20.721
1961Mrs S Kempe22.411
1962Mrs C Stephenson19.607
1963Mrs S Kempe22.397
1964Mrs B Body21.989
1965Mrs B Body22.669
1966Mrs B Body23.151
1967Mrs B Body24.051
1981Mrs J Park21.778
1982Mrs J Park22.28
1983Mrs J Park21.597
1987Mrs M Hill21.859
1988Mrs M Hill22.685
1989Mrs M Hill23.544
1990Mrs J McKenna22.625
1991Mrs M Hill22.657
1992Mrs M Hill22.63
1993Mrs M Hill21.801
1994Mrs M Hill21.902
1995Mrs M Hill21.208
2000Ms M-J Wheeler22.274
2001Miss J Priest22.813
2002Miss J Priest23.332
2003Miss J Priest23.932
2004Miss J Priest23.366
2005Not awarded
2006Mrs M-J Hutchinson21.706
2007Mrs M-J Hutchinson21.439
2008Mrs M-J Hutchinson21.478
2009Mrs M-J Hutchinson22.227
2010Mrs M-J Hutchinson21.781
2011Mrs M-J Hutchinson19.853
2012Mrs M-J Hutchinson19.757
2013Ms J Knight23.024
2014Ms J Knight24.009
2015Ms J Knight24.33
2016Ms J Knight24.05
2017Ms J Knight22.36
2018Ms J Knight23.04
2019Ms J Knight23.789
2020Not Awarded
2021Ms J Knight23.2

The Junior Best All Rounder is the member, aged under 18 years, with the highest average of average speeds (in mph) at 10 & 25 mile recorded up to and including the first weekend in Oct.

1948D J Williams23.989
1949P Baldwin24.379
1950R Lane23.01
1951A Cording23.554
1952B Dunk23.088
1953J Morris22.85
1954C Lewis21.69
1955H Harris23.964
1956M Pearce22.738
1958P Adams22.117
1960G Smith23.815
1961G Smith24.582
1962D Tovey24.52
1963G Crewe24.071
1964A Janes23.135
1965R Williams24.041
1966P Foster24.757
1967J Legge25.424
1968J Legge25.728
1969C Wolfe23.241
1971A Tippetts23.332
1972M Galley22.963
1975N Catford23.958
1976N Catford23.044
1979M Noble26.265
1980M Noble26.224
1981C Tatton24.962
1982C Tatton26.921
1984R Thorne26.427
1986A Stone24.617
1987M Bristow26.95
1988M Bristow26.94
1989C Smith22.013
1990P Clark23.376
1991M Collins24.585
1993A Tilly23.444
1994A Tilly26.067
1995- 2011not awarded
2012J Kempe20.665
2013J Griffiths20.395
2014J Griffiths21.05
2015J Griffiths26
2016J Griffiths28.85
2017J Griffiths29.94
2018-2021Not Awarded

The Eric Ilott Cup is awarded to the member who wins the Classic League, the season long handicap competition of club events with points awarded in each event.

1983D Winston
1984D Galley
1985J Roberson
1987M Bristow
1988A Janes
1989T Fletcher
1990D Kempe
1991A Griffiths
1992D Kempe
1993K Shapland
1994K Shapland & A Tilly
1995I Bowcock
1996A Godson
1997A Godson
1998D Kempe
1999J Ingmire
2000R Adams
2001A Griffiths
2002D Kempe
2003Y Keene
2004G Partridge
2005B Smith
2006Mrs M-J Hutchinson
2007A Legge
2008D Braidley & A Legge
2009A Legge
2010Mrs M-J Hutchinson
2011J Kempe
2012D Bolton
2013J Griffiths
2014G Keene
2015R Nash
2016I Mountjoy
2017I Mountjoy / D Braidley / MJ Hutchinson
2018N Livermore
2019D Kempe / A Legge and J Knight
2020C Rockliffe
2021D Bolton

The Hardrider Cup is awarded to the male rider with the most points in the WTTA hardriders series of time trials.

1995D Kempe
1996B Pilsworth
1997A Godson
1998A Godson
1999A Booth
2001D Kempe
2002R Searle
2003D Keene
2004D Keene
2005D Keene
2006D Kempe
2007S Downs
2008D Kempe
2009J Reis
2010P Jones
2011P Jones
2012P Jones
2013P Jones
2014P Jones
2015D Kempe
2016L Smith
2017L Smith
2018L Smith
2019N Livermore

Inaugurated in 2004, this trophy is awarded to the best placed female member in the West District Hardriders competition.

2004Mrs L Forbes
2005Miss J Priest
2006-11(Not awarded)
2012Mrs M-J Hutchinson
2013Mrs C Greenfield
2014Miss C Gyles
2015H Ricketts
2016H Ricketts
2017Ms J Knight
2018Ms J Knight
2019Ms J Knight

This trophy is awarded to the veteran member who achieves the best ‘plus on standard’ when comparing the average of five 25 mile times with the VTTA age standard times. The competition runs from the 1st January until and including the first weekend in October. All events run under CTT rules and CTT approved courses are acceptable. To enter the competition members must notify the time trial secretary of their performances immediately after the closing date of the competition.

1979G Keene05:44:00
1980G Keene07:16:00
1981F C Holloway11:25:00
1982F C Holloway10:17:00
1983F C Hollowaynot known
1984G Keene11:03:00
1985G Keene11:07:00
1986G Keene11:03:00
1987G Keenenot known
1988F C Holloway11:22:00
1989G Keene13:11:00
1990F C Holloway12:33:00
1991G Keene14:01:00
1992Mrs M Hill13:10:00
1993G Keene13:26:00
1994G Keene13:42:00
1995G Keene15:04:00
1996G Keene15:13:00
1997G Keene13:18:00
1998G Keene14:59:00
1999G Keene19:09:00
2000G Keene12:30:00
2001G Keene16:10:00
2002G Keene17:38:00
2003G Keene17:25:00
2004G Keene17:52:00
2005G Keene18:22:00
2006D Keene18:13:00
2007D Keene16:55:00
2008D Keene15:59:00
2009D Keene18:03:00
2010G Keene14:07:00
2011A Janes15:08:00
2012D Kempe10:01:00
2013D Kempe09:11:00
2014D Kempe10:58:00
2015Ms J Knight13:56:00
2016M Bradley13:59:00
2017M Bradley14:19:00
2018M Bradley15:13:00
2019M Bradley15:18:00
2020Not Awarded – Covid
2021M Bradley14:31:00
Hill Climbs

From 1928 to 1973 the Cycle Traders’ Cup was awarded for the One Mile Handicap Track competition. In 1995 it was reallocated and is now given for the fastest male BSCC rider in the club’s open hill climb event on Burrington Combe.

1995A Tilly08:18.60
1996M Baynham09:18.50
1997S Clarke09:41.80
1998A Booth08:54.60
1999R Searle?
2000R Adams08:20.20
2001D Kempe09:46.60
2002(Not awarded)
2003R Adams08:03.90
2004R Adams07:48.50
2005R Adams08:03.10
2006D Keene09:18.10
2007S Downs08:55.81
2008J Reis08:12.70
2009P Jones08:01.10
2010P Jones07:45.70
2011P Jones07:33.10
2012P Jones07:48.90
2013P Jones07:47.40
2014R Spink07:52.00
2015R Borek08:12.00
2016J Hawksworth08:13.20
2017Joe Norledge06:57.60
2018Joe Norledge07:14.60
2019Robert Borek0.07.35.3
Road Race Trophies