Monthly Segment competition

Competition Rules

This is a solo competition so group rides will not count.

Results are per the Strava website, with points awarded from 20 (top finisher) down to minimum of 1 in position order (both for men and ladies). There are no ties- identical times are split as per Strava (which is on a first rider basis).

Over the course of the year, each member’s top 6 point scores count towards their annual total.

The competition consists of 11 segments – January to November – and every member will also be given a 12th score representing the total number of segments that they have completed for the year

Drafting other riders (or vehicles!) is not allowed. This is hard to police and an honesty basis is in place. If segments are ridden with friends, they are encouraged to start their efforts separately, although some overlap may take place, this should be reduced if possible.

Suspicious rides will be questioned, but riders must be given the benefit of the doubt if rides are seen as being potentially contentious.

With the aim of widest possible inclusion, late uploads etc will be included, but the practice of deliberately delaying ride-uploads for competitive advantage is discouraged.

Every month I will post the results at nightfall (ish!) on the last day, however, any ride before midnight on the last day will still count towards the overall competition.

Every month the first rider will get a bonus point which will be added to their overall annual total – but to a maximum of 1 each year.

If a month’s first rider has already been awarded a bonus point during that same calendar year, no bonus points will be awarded.

First rider is not a speed competition, within reason, multiple riders can get first points if similar in time of day. Rides can start before midnight, it’s the time the segment is ridden that counts. Organiser’s decision has to be deemed as final and fair.

At the season end, tied points totals are separated by total number of segments entered. If necessary, total time then becomes the tie-breaker.

Handicap-based and total time competitions are just for fun. Details of handicap methodology are as per the approach used in the classic league. Details available if requested.

Never ride dangerously and always abide by the laws of the road

Please ride them safely. And have fun!