1. Ewan’s Monthly Strava Competition Update: Not entirely sure that this qualifies as “summer” – but summer bikes have been spotted across Bristol… and 25 BSCC members have recorded times up Kaspar’s May segment. A few days left, but given its half term, advanced notice that Mark Hannaford has chosen June’s real-estate segment: https://www.strava.com/segments/36923200
    I’ll collate May’s results next week – Steve Francis currently (narrowly) the man to beat.
  2. BADTRI partnership: Thanks to Stephen Canavan for arranging this: BSCC have entered a partnership with BadTri that offers club members the chance to get swim performance coaching on Wednesdays and Fridays subject to numbers. Participants would expect to be competent swimmers, with the focus on improving performance. If you wish to sign up, here are some key instructions 
    1. Download Spond App ensuring to use the code in this link https://group.spond.com/RVWIF
    2. Enter your details. For the membership question enter BSCC#(and your RiderHQ membership number)
    3. Once approved you will have access to a restricted number of sessions.
    All members including BadTri pay £5 for the swim.
  3. Big rides: Another audax ticked off for Esther, the Welsh Ruins. Sounds harder than anticipated. Becky J did the Headstock 200, wandering all over South Wales, with quite a bit of climbing!
  4. New members this week: A big Up the South welcome to Lachlan McLucas.

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