Questions that we’re often asked about joining either our Sunday Club Runs or Fast Tuesday group rides are listed below. Please take a look before submitting your question as you’ll hopefully find the answer here.

Sunday Club Runs:

Yes – all you have to do is add your name to our sign-up sheet so we know you’re joining us.

You don’t need to be a member and we don’t expect you to join before riding – you’re welcome to come out with us a few times first. All of our club riders rely on members of the club volunteering and we encourage people to join the club if you want to ride with us frequently. 

Our Sunday club runs are a social group ride and we don’t leave people behind. If you decide you want to cut your ride short we only ask that you let someone know so that we’re not searching for you. Our club rides page has more information about distance and pace for each group and intro rides on the first Sunday of each month are a good way to see how you feel and then work up from there.

This varies by group and the time of year. Usually group 1 and 2 will ride between 50-60 miles and our introductory rides are around 35 miles long. All groups will stop at a cafe about half way around.

We meet near Bristol Bridge, on the side of the road with our bikes ready to ride. We meet at 8:30am between March and October, and at 9:00am between November and February.

The routes are available on our sign-up sheet. Alternatively you can view them on our RideWithGPS page here.

It is helpful to have some experience of riding in groups to help ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable ride. If you are new to riding in groups we recommend our introduction rides on the first Sunday of each month which are a good way to see how comfortable you are riding in groups before trying. You can find more information about riding in groups here.

No! Some of our strongest members started riding with us on inexpensive bikes which weren’t at all flash. You will probably have a reasonable road bike (i.e. with drop handlebars and usually clipless pedals), hybrids and mountain bikes are likely to make it very hard work for you unless you’re an extremely strong rider.

For our group club activities we do ask that you wear a helmet.

Anyone aged 12 and over is welcome to join our Sunday rides, but if you are under 16 then you will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult known to your parent or carer and they are happy for them to be responsible for you. If you are 16 or 17 then you can ride unaccompanied. All riders under 18 must provide a signed parental consent form. For a copy of the form or if you have any more questions then you can speak to our club’s welfare officer.

Yes, e-bikes are welcome in all club groups.

Yes – for more details about rides specifically for women contact our women’s officer. 

Fast Tuesday: 

This is our fast paced group ride which operates as a ‘pace line’. The group aims to ride fast together, which is different to our Sunday rides. The ride is referred to as a ‘drop ride’ whereby if a rider falls behind, the group doesn’t wait and will carry on without them.

The speed of a group will vary depending on who is in it, but the aim is to provide riders with a challenge so you may need to drop off the back of the group and that’s fine!

All you have to do is add your name to our sign-up sheet so we know you’re joining us.  

Our sign up sheets can be found here.

No, everyone is welcome to join Fast Tuesday rides.

It’s hard to answer this as the pace of each group can vary. Riders that are unable to continue at the pace of the group can drop off the back and we regroup at the top of Portbury Hill to ride back into Bristol. The best thing is to try it and see how it goes.

We use the same route for Fast Tuesday each time, which is around 27 miles, though that includes a warm up and cool down as well as the part used for riding faster. The Strava segment for the paceline section is here, plus we ride to the start of that together from Mud Dock. After regrouping at the end we ride down Clarken Combe back into the city, although people tend to disperse after Portbury Hill.

We meet outside Mud Dock at 6:30pm on Tuesday nights between April and August.

For this type of ride you need to have experience riding in groups, as you will be following the wheel of other riders very closely at speed. Safety is the most important aspect of the ride. If you are new to riding in groups on the road then the Sunday club rides may be a better option to become familiar with group riding.